About me

JoshuaI’m Joshua Beatty, a student in my final semester in Pittsburgh’s MLIS program — I will graduate in August. I am also completing a Ph.D. in early American history at William and Mary.

Since graduating college in 1995 I’ve been an archaeologist, an architectural historian, and a historian. My advisor at William and Mary, Jim Whittenburg, would point out that those are more shadings of grey than categorical distinctions: any study of the past should use whatever sources are available.

While studying in my Ph.D program I realized that, though I liked the problem-solving aspect of history, I wasn’t satisfied by the solitary, secretive nature of humanities scholarship. I much preferred collaborating on projects and working across disciplines to only doing my own narrow research. Problem-solving and helping others advance their projects: the decision to become a reference librarian was surprisingly easy.

I am looking for work in academic libraries; I want to focus on reference and instruction, though my historical background has kept me interested in archives and in digital libraries, especially those (real and virtual) repositories collecting historical documents.

Here is my curriculum vitae. I’ll post a portfolio of my work soon; if you have any questions, though, please ask!